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Spending hours researching prospects?

Automate it with AI for high quality research at scale.

Made to help teams to break into enterprise and technical buyers, and stop wasting time on LinkedIn and bad prospects

Spending hours researching prospects?

Automate research with AI for high-quality results at scale

Made to help teams to break into enterprise and technical buyers, and stop wasting time on LinkedIn and bad prospects

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Find relevant prospects you would have missed

We help sellers focus on the sale by finding your best prospects quickly

Fix your outbound

No more mass blasts and demos to the wrong people. Find and reach relevant prospects in your ICP.

Precision prospecting

Your buyer or champion is one person in a huge org. Let Ponyrun find your needle in the haystack.

Save 2 to 3 hours a day

With Ponyrun, sellers spend more time selling. They focus on the sale, not on tedious prospecting.

Eliminate bad prospects

Bad prospects waste time while gunking up your CRM, outbound tools, and metrics.

Never out-of-date

Verifiable, real-time results. No out-of-date data that will kill great prospects and leads.

Quantified results

Find more and higher quality prospects, book more meetings, convert fast, and hit targets.
Improved response rate
4 to 10x
Quality outbound capacity
More cost effective
Reach 3 to 5x
More leads per acct

Stop prospecting like its 2019

Every seller and sales leader is facing this same prospecting problem. Here's why its tougher than ever:

  • Cold-calling is harder and less effectiveThere aren't any desk phones to call and people don't pick up their phones. If they do pick up, you have seconds to say something relevant.
  • Email deliverability and open rates are downAutomation and AI made outbound emails easy. In return, email providers (like Google) are punishing reps using mass email campaigns.
  • Research and data management is complex and time-consumingReps spend hours managing messy research and incomplete contact data. This results in knowledge loss and silos, and redundant work.
  • Ponyrun does quality research at scale and moves information and contact data through your tech stack
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Get 3 hrs of work done in 20 mins

Before Ponyrun, reps spent hours viewing profiles, and finding relevant ways to personalize outreach.

With Ponyrun, they run a search, and get what's need neatly organized and prioritized.

"I went from doing 4 hours of manual prospecting a day to almost nothing. It's incredible and I'm convinced that your product will change the way SDR/BDRs work. I love it!"
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Focus on relevant prospects

Today, sellers strike a balance between quality (time intensive research) and quantity (spray-and-pray).

Ponyrun users find relevant prospects with context and personal insights at scale.

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"I really love this. It saves me about an hour a day, the prospects are more more relevant, and - I can't prove this - but they feel more open to connect!"
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Our users are our biggest fans

Here's what our users are saying:

Unfair advantage!

"I have the best connected call to meeting book rate thanks to Ponyrun. Cold calls dont feel cold."
SDRSeries D Unicorn

10x your prospecting

"I wouldn't have even considered prospecting 600 people in a single day before Ponyrun."
Sales ConsultantSeries B Startup

Easy to pick up

"This is an INCREDIBLE and light-weight way to solve a meaty problem! Great work, Ponyrun team!"
FounderYCombinator Startup

Plans for everyone

Choose the right plan and try for free. All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


For sellers to automate prospect research

$45per seat per month
Get Started
$450per seat per year
Get Started
  • Do more in less time!
  • 1000 prospects per month
  • AI profile analysis and keywords
  • Work with SalesNav
  • Export to spreadsheets

For teams to automate and 4x their prospecting capacity

$199per seat per month
Get Started
$1990per seat per year
Get Started
  • Love it or your money back!
  • Everything in Starter
  • 6000 prospects per month
  • Schedule 2000 prospects
  • Export to data providers
  • Email & Slack support

For companies that want to scale with confidence

Contact us
Contact for Early Access
Contact us
Contact for Early Access
  • Integrate across your tech stack!
  • Everything in Pro
  • Custom weekly limits
  • Custom priority scoring
  • Enterprise security and support

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Ponyrun? Find all the answers here to get the best out of your smart commute choice.

What does Ponyrun do? Is it for me?

Ponyrun automates prospect research; we don't focus on account qualification. The sellers benefiting the most are those who cannot determine their ICP based solely on title, target enterprise or technical teams, and continually search LinkedIn profiles.

How does Ponyrun work?

Ponyrun uses a mix of AI, automation, and data from other sources to gather and evaluate the prospects you give them. You can share your list of prospects in various ways like a search URL or a list of profiles.

How do I get access to Ponyrun?

Ponyrun isn't open to the public at the moment. We're getting ready for our big launch. But, if you're interested in early access, use our sign up form or get in touch with us at support@ponyrun.ai.

How is this different from tools like data providers?

Ponyrun focuses on applying logic to analyze the fit and relevance of prospects. Users begin with Ponyrun to obtain the best list of prospects before getting contact data from a data provider such as ZoomInfo or Apollo.

Have a question that's not answered here?

Reach out to support@ponyrun.ai
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